Our values


Our values and behaviours define us. Our values represent what the City Council stands for, with the behaviours translating into day-to-day actions. They aren't just a set of “words” which are kept in the top drawer, our values are for everyone working here at the City Council, no matter what your role, they are something that we should all try to live by.

They shape how we interact with the people we work with, our local communities and partners. Our Values represent what we believe in and who we aspire to be and provide a powerful articulation of our core beliefs and that through the application of our Values we can build a better future.

Our values are;

  • Empowerment: We will use our powers and resources, combined with the expertise of our dedicated workforce, to benefit the communities which we serve, enabling residents to shape more decisions about their lives and local environments.  
  • Openness: We will be clear about the challenges that the Council is facing, how we are going to address them and whether we are making progress. We will always be open to new and better ideas. 
  • Empathy: We care about the lives of our residents. We will provide help and support without judgement and will actively seek the views of our citizens to improve the services we deliver. 
  • Partnership: We will be dedicated and supportive partners to all those who want to make our city a better place, forging strong relationships which span sectors and geographies.  
  • Stewardship: We will take ownership of our commitments and responsibilities, be honest about where we can do better and demonstrate the utmost responsibility for the efficient use of public resources and assets.  
  • Representation: We will champion our city and our citizens at every opportunity, talking up its many strengths and nurturing civic pride. We wil promote our city’s culture, heritage and future potential to wider audiences without downplaying the significance of local challenges.